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Cristina Popovici is represented by





Important collections

- “Adina” Hotel St. Kilda, Melbourne-permanent collection, 32 works

- White collection, Abu Dhabi
- Birds of Paradise art group, Auckland
- McBride collection, Hong Kong
- Kennedy Design collection, Queenstown
- Art group, Wellington
- Marie & Graham Veitch collection, Auckland
- Hyatt Hotel collection, Auckland
- Lincoln University Christchurch


Inside Art video:

2023         - Affordable Art Fair Melbourne

2022         - Represented by Black Door Gallery, Auckland New Zealand


2022         - Affordable Art Fair Melbourne

2021          -Melbourne Design Week-"After Nero"-Group show


2020          -Mingara Gallery Philip Island-new works 

                  -Autumn Catalog- Art to Art, Melbourne

                  -Small works, group show- Art to Art, Melbourne

                  -Lyons Weir Gallery New York City –Chrysalistasis Online International group show


2019          -Correspondence,- Solo exhibition Gallery 33, Wanaka, New Zealand

                  -Selection of works on display-Storehouse St. Kilda


2018         -Study for self Portrait- Solo exhibition Gallery 33, Wanaka, New Zealand


2017         -Tension Intention- Solo exhibition Gallery 33, Wanaka, New Zealand

                 -The Other Art Fair-Melbourne


2016         -April, “Luminous”- Clock Tower Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

                 -July- “Chromatography” Solo exhibition Gallery 33, Wanaka, New Zealand


2015         -April, “I Am Color”- Solo exhibition Gallery 33, Wanaka, New Zealand

                 -March-invited tutor to Artwork Geelong, Australia


2014         ­-March- “Vis Viva- The Living Force”-Solo exhibition –Manningham Art Gallery,     Doncaster, Melbourne

                  -July – Group show Angela Tandori Fine Art   Gallery Melbourne Australia

                  -November- ‘Memory Maps’ solo exhibition Angela Tandori Fine Art   Gallery 

                   Melbourne, Australia


2013         ­-February- “Overpainted”-paintings group show –BSG Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne

                  -March-invited tutor to Atwell Gallery,Perth, Australia

                 -May-“Private view collectors and investors” by Art Traffic, Paris 

                  -May-New acquisitions; VOL #1, 2013, Fort Delta Gallery, Melbourne


2012         -Group shows in Agora gallery New York-June and October 2012


2011         -January-tutor at Summer Do International Art Camp, Whangarei, New Zealand

                 - Art Fair Melbourne- Stephen Nall Art Project

2010         -10A-painting group show –BSG Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne


2009         -“Prelude”-solo show at Catherine Asquith Gallery, Melbourne

                  - A Selection of works-  at Yellow Diva showroom in collaboration with    

                 Catherine Asquith Gallery, Melbourne

                  - Group show –Marianne Westerheide Gallery, Ratennau, Germany        


2008        -“Hide and Seek”-one man show Soca gallery, Auckland   

                -“Rythmico”-one man show gallery 33 Wanaka

                - Finalist in Wallace art competition

                -“Flying Feijoas”- group show Soca gallery, Auckland   

                -“Breathing in, Breathing Out”- one man show Chaffers gallery, Wellington

                -“Alice in Wonderland and back”-artist invited-group show, Soca gallery, 


                -“BMW artists bonnet exhibition”-12 artists invited 


2007         -“Diary from A Place of Colour”-one man show-Gallery 33 Wanaka

                 -“100% Organic Design”-design exhibition in collaboration with  Valentin Tinc-     

                   Flagstaff gallery Devonport, Auckland

                 -Auckland Art fair, second edition-Auckland

                 -Breast Cancer Research Trust –Art work donated for auction during Crystal Bal

                 -“7xLight-1”, One man show SOCA gallery, Auckland

                 -“7xLight-2”, One man show The Arthouse gallery, Christchurch

                 -“Arboretum”-Waikataruru group sculpture exhibition, Hamilton, New Zealand


2006         - “Places and Memories”-one man show –SOCA Auckland, NZ

                 - Painters from New Zealand-group exhibition in Hong Kong

                 - Donate artwork to “Breast Cancer Society Auction”

                 - R 30-group exhibition - Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, NZ

                 - “Rooms and Resonances”- one man show -The Arthouse, Christchurch

                 - Launch monograph-“A Colourful Movement Through  Life-  Cristina   

                   Popovici’s New Zealand Paintings 2000-2006” with 118 full colour pages.

                 - Summer group show –SOCA Auckland

                 - Christmas group show –The Arthouse gallery, Christchurch


2005          -“ Height”-one man show –Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, NZ

                  -“ Picture of Dorian Gray”-Invitational exhibition, Soca Exit, Auckland

                  -“ Reflections”- one man show -The Arthouse, Christchurch

                  -First edition of “Auckland Art Fair”-artist exhibitor 


2004        -"Distances and Surfaces" – one man show- SOCA                         

                   Auckland, NZ

                -Together with Valentin Tinc-Winner of Creative Expression category, Dulux Color    

                   Award 2004 for fibreglass painted chair

                 -Together with Valentin Tinc- Highly Commended in Best Design Award 2004 for fibreglass painted chair.

                 -“Echoes and Shadows” one man show -The Arthouse, Christchurch


2003         - "New Identites" - Studio of Contemporary Art, Auckland, NZ

                 - Winner of COCA Award 2003,

                 - Completion of first two pieces of painted fibreglass furniture in cooperation with   

                   Valentin Tinc and exhibited at international exhibition DesignEX 6 - 8 July Auckland.

                 -“Wrapped Feelings” – one man show-The Arthouse, Christchurch, July-August 

                 - Patrizia Autore Gallery Melbourne-group show

                 - Screen Invitational- group exhibition - SOCA ,Auckland, NZ


2002         - "Self Portrait in the 4th Dimension" - one man show - Studio of

                 Contemporary Art, Auckland, NZ

                 -“ Plunket Annual Art exhibition” – Aigantighe Museum, Timaru         

                 - “Art for Heart” – exhibition-event held by Heart    

                 foundation,Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings, Christchurch
                 - “COCA Award Exhibition 2002” - COCA, Christchurch
                 - “Sewn Relationships” – one man show -The Arthouse,   




2001         - Christmas Mosaic - COCA, Christchurch, NZ

                 - COCA Award Exhibition 2001,-COCA Christchurch, NZ

                 - "Splitting the Past Horizon with the Eye-I" - one man show   

                    Aigantighe Museum,  Timaru, NZ

                 - Ashburton Society Annual Exhibition - guest artist - Ashburton   

                   Art Gallery

                 - "Splitting the Past Horizon with the Eye-II" - "The Memories of    

                   Don Juan"- one man show -The Arthouse Gallery, Christchurch, NZ 

                 - Splitting the Past Horizon with the Eye-III" - "The Melted

                   Rainbow" - one man show -COCA, Mair Gallery, Christchurch, NZ


2000         -"Promenade in a Blue Garden" – one man show The Arthouse   

                  Gallery, Christchurch, NZ     

                 - "Visual Feast" – group exhibition The Arthouse Gallery, Christchurch, NZ

                 - Summer Show - group exhibition The Arthouse Gallery,    


                 - Otago Art Society Exhibition, Dunedin, NZ

                 - Drawing from Art - group exhibition COCA. Christchurch, NZ


Exhibitions before February 2000


1998     -East Art Gallery -  Berlin, Germany

            -Bielefeld, Germany

            -Ranis, Germany

            -Romanian Artists in East Art Gallery - Berlin, Germany

            -One-man Exhibition at Diesel Club - Cluj, Romania       


1997    - One-man Exhibition "Sphinx Bank" - Cluj, Romania

            - One-man Exhibition "Chamber of Commerce, Industry and

              Agriculture" - Cluj, Romania

            - Painting Exhibition organised together with Sarro-Brazil-Rom Art    

              Gallery - Brunschweig, German

            - Painting Exhibition - Epiphanien Kirche - Berlin, Germany

            - Schonow Kirche - Berlin, Germany

            - E.M.A. - Kirche - Berlin. Germany

            - Rathenow - Germany

            - East Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany

            - Heimat Kirche - Berlin, Germany

            - Christmas Varnishing - Berlin, Germany      


1996    - One-man Exhibition "Transylvania Business Center" - Cluj, Romania

            - Commemorative Exhibition "Lucian Blaga" - Cluj, Romania

            - Collective Exhibition "The Nude" - Cluj, Romania

            - One-man Exhibition - Vatra-Dornei, Romania


1995     - Cluj County Painting Salon - Cluj, Romania


1994     - One-man Painting Exhibition "Art Museum" - Cluj, Romania

             - Cluj County Painting Salon - Cluj, Romania


1993    - Fine Arts Academies Exhibition - Netherlands

            - Art Fair - Spain

            - Cluj County Painting Salon - Cluj, Romania

            - Art Fair - Cluj, Romania

            - Painting Camp Nicula - Romania     


1992     -One-man Exhibition - "University House" Gallery – Cluj, Romania

            - Cluj County  Painting Salon - Cluj, Romania


1991    -Group Exhibition - "Medical Clinic No. 5" Gallery - Cluj, Romania


1990     - Painting Camp Calica - Romania

            - Cluj County  Painting Salon - Cluj, Romania    


1989    - One-man Exhibition "Filo" Gallery - Cluj, Romania

            - Painting Camp   Hârlau - Romania

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